CPS 360 Textbook

Eric Torng
Department of Computer Science
Michigan State University


In writing this "textbook," I have two main goals:

Initially, this "textbook" probably will not take full advantage of the hypertext capabilities of HTML. That is, it will probably have few hyperlinks as I will focus on content creation. This will hopefully change over time. Please email me any comments/suggestions/corrections.

Table of Contents

  1. Fundamental Skills
  2. Introduction to Languages
  3. Finite State Automata
  4. Regular Expressions
  5. Nondeterministic Finite State Automata
  6. Regular Languages
  7. Problems in Computer Science
  8. Turing machines

Examples with Questions

  1. NFA to FA transformation and complete list of answers.
  2. Regular expression to NFA transformation and complete list of answers