Adding Fault-Tolerance Using Pre-Synthesized Components

Ali Ebnenasir and Sandeep S. Kulkarni


We present a hybrid synthesis method for automatic addition of fault-tolerance to {\em distributed} programs. In particular, we automatically specify and add pre-synthesized fault-tolerance components to programs in the cases where existing heuristics fail to add fault-tolerance. Such addition of pre-synthesized components has the advantage of {\em reusing} pre-synthesized fault-tolerance components in the synthesis of different programs, and as a result, reusing the effort put in the synthesis of one program for the synthesis of another program. Our synthesis method is sound in that the synthesized fault-tolerant program satisfies its specification in the absence of faults, and provides desired level of fault-tolerance in the presence of faults. We illustrate our synthesis method by adding pre-synthesized components with linear topology to a token ring program that tolerates the corruption of all processes. Also, we have reused the same component in the synthesis of a fault-tolerant alternating bit protocol. Elsewhere, we have applied this method for adding presynthesized components with hierarchical topology.


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