Disassembling Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Programs

Borzoo Bonakdarpour and Sandeep S. Kulkarni and Anish Arora


We focus on decomposition of \emph{hard-masking} real-time fault-tolerant programs (where safety, timing constraints, and liveness are preserved in the presence of faults) that are designed from their fault-intolerant versions. Towards this end, motivated by the concepts of {\em state predicate detection} and {\em state predicate correction}, we identify three types of fault-tolerance components, namely, \emph{detectors}, \emph{weak $\delta$-correctors}, and \emph{strong $\delta$-correctors}. We show that any hard-masking program can be decomposed into its fault-intolerant version plus a collection of detectors, and, weak and strong \linebreak $\delta$-correctors. We argue that such decomposition assists in providing assurance about dependability and time-\linebreak predictability of embedded systems.


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