Automated addition of fault-tolerance to SCR toolset, A case study

Fuad Abujarad and Sandeep S. Kulkarni


Automated addition of fault-tolerance to existing programs is highly desirable, as it allows the designer to focus on the system behavior in the absence of faults and leave the fault-tolerance aspect to automated techniques that guarantee correctness by construction. Automated addition of fault-tolerance is expected to be more successful if it is done under the hood, i.e., where the designer can continue to utilize existing tools and the addition of fault-tolerance is orthogonal to the tools that they use. This will reduce the learning curve for adding fault-tolerance as well as make addition of fault-tolerance across different design tools. With this motivation, in this paper, we focus on automated addition of fault-tolerance to the SCR tools. We illustrate our approach using two case studies: an altitude switch controller and an automobile cruise controller.


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