MR4UM: A framework for adding fault tolerance to UML state diagrams

Jingshu Chen and Sandeep S. Kulkarni


Modern systems often need to address the challenges brought on by changing environment and/or newly identified faults. The economic and practical issues dictate that the existing models and/or programs be reused while providing fault-tolerance in the presence of faults.

In this paper, we propose a framework, namely MR4UM, for applying model revision for the existing program design modeled in UML state diagram to add tolerance to newly-identified faults. In particular, MR4UM starts with program design modeled in UML state diagram, and automatically transforms design model in UML state diagram to the corresponding program actions in the underlying computational model (UCM). Then, MR4UM applies the techniques of model revision to the program in UCM and generates a fault-tolerant program in UCM. Finally, MR4UM automatically converts the fault-tolerant program in UCM into the fault-tolerant program design in UML state diagram. We illustrate the stepwise procedure of MR4UM with two case studies: the adaptive cruise control program from automotive system and the altitude switch program from aircraft altitude control system.


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