To facilitate discussion in the conference room, we have created several venues.
Discussion via slack: Please join us for discussion via slack by signing up at the following link:

Discussion via zoom breakout rooms: We will have several breakout rooms open to permit discussion within participants. We will have one of these rooms as the `Talk room' where the talks would occur. We will also a few rooms as `Virtual Happy Hour' rooms. We will also have a few rooms as `Serious Discussion Rooms'
The main room would be for dealing with technical difficulties. (Think of it as the registration desk)
Please update your zoom app to be the latest. It allows participants to move from breakout rooms without host intervention. Some older versions do not.
If for some reason, you are unable to move from one breakout room to another, please add chat messages on the main room. And, we will facilitate the move as quickly as possible.

Discussion/Coordination via google drive: The following link would provide abilities to put questions to authors. It could also be used to coordinate breakout room meetings for further discussion.
Pdf versions of the paper are also available on this drive.
Please use this link to ask questions to authors that were not answered during the talk. Authors can follow up with you using the breakout rooms to arrange a discussion or via email.
Co-authors are encouraged you use this link to provide answers during the talk as well.