Steven MW Hoffman

Michigan State University

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    Steven MW Hoffman
    Ph.D. Student Researcher
    Advisor: Dr. Arun Ross
    Research Group: iPRoBe Lab

Research Interests

  • Biometrics: Iris Recognition
  • Iris Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) / Anti-Spoofing
  • Multispectral / Multimodal Biometric Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Pattern Recognition in Medical Images


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science,
August 2015—Present
Michigan State University—East Lansing, MI
University Distinguished Fellow


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
August 2010—December 2014
Grand Valley State University—Allendale, MI / Grand Rapids, MI
Top Computer Science Undergrad of 2014



  • M. J. Afridi, S. M. Hoffman, A. Ross, E. M. Shapiro, "Automatic In Vivo Detection of Transplanted Cells in MRI using Transfer Learning Paradigm," Proc. of 24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), (Singapore), May 2016. [link]

Other Interests

Fun with Deep Learning





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