Tyler Derr - Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Application Materials

Executive Summary

I am currently a Computer Science Ph.D. student in the Data Science and Engineering (DSE) Lab at Michigan State University (MSU).

My research spans across the following three main areas: (1) signed social network analysis, i.e., network analysis with negative links, where positive links represent friends/trust and negative links represent foes/distrust; (2) deep learning on graphs, which attempts to harness deep learning for graph structured data; and (3) data science for social good, where my work has spanned across a wide variety of domains, such as Education, Health Informatics, and Political Science.

Expecting to complete my doctoral degree in Summer 2020, I am seeking a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at a research institution in Computer Science or Computational Social Science starting in Fall 2020. More specifically, in artificial intelligence, computational social science, data science, network science, machine learning, and related fields. I plan to use my unique skill set and experiences in data science and interdisciplinary research for working on (1) fundamental research where I will address unique problem challenges through the development of novel methodologies, and (2) applying data science with emphasis on solving problems that are likely to have a direct impact towards improving our society.

My research has received numerous prestigious awards, such as Best Student Poster Award at SDM19; “People’s Choice” Award for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition at MSU; 2nd Prize at University of Michigan’s Postdoctoral Symposium; and my advisor receiving his NSF CAREER Award based on my research in social network analysis with negative links.

I’m always open for discussions and collaborations, so please feel free to contact me.

Job Application Materials

Please contact me for my Diversity Statement (derrtyle at msu dot edu).