CSE 231 Summer 2024

Course Overview

CSE 231 is an introduction to programming, using Python. Students will learn about the design, implementation and testing of programs to solve problems primarily in engineering, mathematics and science. The emphasis is data manipulation using real-world, practical examples.

Our goal: when a student is presented with a problem their response will be "I can write a program to do that!"

Some topics we cover are: selection and iteration, strings, functions, data structures (lists, dictionaries, tuples), file processing, and user-defined classes.

One way to understand what this course is about is to look at old programming projects in our project archive.

The course is a flipped classroom course with standard lectures replaced by readings and videos. Online Section 730 will be doing the labs online.

Grade history can be found here.

Getting Python

We will be using PyCharm as our Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
Follow the instructions given in week 0 of the online content to install PyCharm.


Dr. Imen Zaabar

Dr. Husain Khalifeh