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Predicate Monitoring in Distributed Cyber-physical Systems

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The 21st International Conference on Runtime Verification (RV)
This paper solves the problem of detecting violations of predicates over distributed continuous-time and continuous-valued signals in cyber-physical systems (CPS). We assume a partially synchronous set- ting, where a clock synchronization algorithm guarantees a bound on clock drifts among all signals. We introduce a novel retiming method that allows reasoning about the correctness of predicates among continuous-time signals that do not share a global view of time. The resulting problem is encoded as an SMT problem and we introduce techniques to solve the SMT encoding efficiently. Leveraging simple knowledge of physical dynamics allows further runtime reductions. We fully implement our approach on two distributed CPS applications: monitoring of a network of autonomous ground vehicles, and a network of aerial vehicles. The results show that in some cases, it is even possible to monitor a distributed CPS sufficiently fast for online deployment on fleets of autonomous vehicles.
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