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Knowledge-based Automated Repair of Authentication Protocols

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International Conference on Formal Methods (FM)
In this paper, we introduce a technique for repairing bugs in authentication protocols automatically. Although such bugs can be identified through sophisticated testing or verification methods, the state of the art falls short in fixing bugs in security protocols in an automated
fashion. Our method takes as input a protocol and a logical property that the protocol does not satisfy and generates as output another protocol that satisfies the property. We require that the generated protocol must refine the original protocol in cases where the bug is not observed; i.e., repairing a protocol should not change the existing healthy behavior of the protocol. We use epistemic logic to specify and reason about authentication properties in protocols. We demonstrate the application of our method in repairing the 3-step Needham-Schroeder’s protocol. To our knowledge, this is the first application of epistemic logic in automated repair of security protocols.