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Bounded Model Checking for Hyperproperties

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The 27th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS)
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This paper introduces a bounded model checking (BMC)algorithm for hyperproperties expressed in HyperLTL, which — to the best of our knowledge — is the first such algorithm. Just as the classic BMC technique for LTL primarily aims at finding bugs, our approach also targets identifying counterexamples. BMC for LTL is reduced to SAT solving, because LTL describes a property via inspecting individual traces. Our BMC approach naturally reduces to QBF solving, as HyperLTL allows explicit and simultaneous quantification over multiple traces.We report on successful and efficient model checking, implemented in our tool called HyperQube, of a rich set of experiments on a variety of case studies, including security, concurrent data structures, path planning for robots, and mutation testing.