Program HighlightsLinton Hall, home of the MSU Graduate School

Why Choose MSU?

Graduate Program Flyer

"MSU was the only school I found where I felt like my interest in doing interdisciplinary research was encouraged and supported rather than tolerated. There is a strong culture of collaboration and sharing ideas that makes me feel really welcomed.

--Emily Dolson, PhD Student


"MSU provides graduate students with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research problems. One particular attribute that attracted me to MSU and more specifically to the department of computer science and engineering is its interdisciplinary mode of research and how individuals from different fields work together to solve complex problems. Aside from academics, MSU offers various extracurricular activities and events, and has one of the best athletic programs in the nation."

--Hussein Hejase, PhD Student


"MSU has one of the biggest and most beautiful campuses in the world. The home of Michigan State University, East Lansing, is a small town far from the tumult of big cities which makes it an ideal research place; yet it has an excellent set of entertainment centers to spend the free times. The department of computer science and engineering provides a very flexible program to PhD students allowing them to find the best match to their research interests."

--Hamed Valizadegan, PhD Alumni, NASA Ames Research Center


"I was very interested by a number of the research projects at MSU: many of the research groups are doing very unique and innovative work."

--Laura Grabowski, PhD Alumni, University of Texas-Pan American