Install Putty (SSH Client) for Windows

  • Install Putty Download page
  • Download Putty.exe and put on your desktop
  • Download WinSCP SSH file transfer program
  • Open putty and connect to CSE servers

Install ssh for Linux/Mac

  • ssh should be available already
  • Open a terminal and type ssh

Using WinSCP for Windows

  • Open WinSCP-???-Setup.exe and follow installation directions
  • Open "WinSCP" desktop link
  • Enter Hostname, your username, and password.
  • Press return and it will link to CSE's Arctic system.
  • Drag and drop file to go to and from your CSE account

Using ssh for Linux/Mac

  • Open a terminal and type: ssh
    replacing username with your actual username
  • When prompted for ssh key, type Y or yes.
  • If you want to tunnel X, type:
    ssh -X

Graphical User Interfaces

UNIX systems typically use the X Window System (X11) to support graphical user interfaces.
Thus, you will need to run an X server package on your personal computer if you wish to
run certain packages (such as "xemacs" and "gedit"). On Windows systems, you may wish to
install "Xming", which can be downloaded from the developer’s website:

Once it is installed, be sure to run the program in the background before running any programs which use a GUI.

On Mac OS systems, an X11 package is usually part of the standard setup.