The linux machines Arctic and Adriatic is intended for instructional use.The linux machines Pacific and Black is intended more for research work. It can also be used for instructional use.


The machines arctic, pacific, adriatic and black can only be accessed via ssh. Putty and are two populare ssh clients. Instructions for obtaining and using these are provided.

Workstations are generally restricted to use by the person at the console, and are not accessible from the outside world. You should login to one of the servers listed above, particularly if you need to run long-term background jobs. Background jobs left running on workstations will be killed without notice if they are interfering with workstation performance as seen by the console user. Workstations may also be rebooted without notice any time there is no active console user.

Being nice

When using facilities remotely be aware that you are using a time-sharing system. Please be courteous and use the nice command (see man nice for information) to reduce the computing usage of any CPU or I/O intensive processes. Workstations should, generally, not be used for remote logins, particularly if someone is logged in on the console.