CSE hosts a mysql database server for students to use.  The service is provided as-is and should no way be considered for "production use".  You are encouraged to back it up.  Please play friendly and do not host large binaries or create large amounts of tables and/or records.  If usage becomes large, we will send a warning and possibly lock your database.


  • Server Name: mysql-user.cse.msu.edu
  • Login: your CSE username
  • Password: your student PID  (this will default to your PID regardless if you have changed your normal CSE password)


  • An easy to use web management: https://www.cse.msu.edu/phpMyAdmin
  • NOTE: the first id and password are your CSE id and CSE password. This will grant you access to the phpMyadmin web page
  • Linux machines can connect using a command line: mysql -h mysql-user -u -p   (hit enter and you will be prompted for password)
  • NOTE:SSH access to mysql-user will be rejected.
  • CSE web pages under your own personal space have PHP abilities that can talk to the database server.  Consult php docs for details

Changing your MYSQL Password:

  • SSh to Arctic or any CSE login system
  • NOTE: Change USERNAME and NEWPASS to your entries
  • mysql -u {USERNAME} -p -h mysql-user.cse.msu.edu
  • exit