Summer 2013

  • The linux labs were upgraded from Debian Squeeze to Debian Wheezy.
  • Arctic, pacific, adriatic and black are on Debian Wheezy
  • With the Debian upgrade, python and gcc have been upgraded to 2.7 and 4.7
  • The webserver has been upgraded too.  Let us know if you notice any php changes.  We already noticed differences
  • Added netbeans to the linux environment
  • Added a GIT server for students to use
  • Windows changes were minimal with updates to firefox, java, and flash.
  • Installed a public Debian mirror (
  • Installing dual monitors to the bob linux lab.
  • Installed 2 hadoop clusters for specific classes
  • Updates to handin:

On the admin side

Organized all dates to be in the following order: release date, due date, collection date.  This is now consistent on all pages.  The format is also consistent among all pages.

Any date form field has a calendar option along with hour and minute fields.  You can easily have a project be due at 5pm (for example) and collected at 6pm for your TAs to grade that evening.

There is now a Home button to limit back button clicks.

Added a List Extensions button to get a list similar to the List Students button.

On the student side

When a student submits a file, it shows up on the right for them to click and verify the file has been submitted.  It was always inline viewing and not helpful with non-text files.  Added a "download" option to get around that problem.

Prevent illegal characters in submitted file names.  Had some students submit a project with a name like Joe&  As you know, the & can have crazy results when processing.  So now only alpha chars, numerical chars, hyphen, underscore and period are allowed.  Any others will be removed during the submission and stored with the new name.