User quotas

Every user is allotted an equitable share of our computing resources to ensure fair facility use and system stability. Users requiring additional resources should contact their advisor about their needs. View your Quotas and account information online.


Every student given an account is given a disk quota (a limit on the amount of data you may save in your account.) Currently disk quotas are as follows: CSE graduate students are allotted 5 Gigabytes of user space and undergraduates and graduate students from other departments get 2.5 Gigabytes.

Each user is assigned a soft limit and a hard limit of disk space. The soft limit is whatever your disk quota is and the hard limit is a little above that. When a user creates a file that exceeds the soft limit, the system will issue the warning: No space left on device. The user can create files until the hard limit is reached. When the user creates a file that exceeds the hard limit, the system will again issue the same warning message and the file will not be saved. Failure to reduce disk usage within 7 days may result in an account being temporarily disabled. The user can create files again once he or she is below the hard limit.

You can check on the limits of your disk quota and your current disk usage here.


Each user is granted an equitable share of our printing resources (typically 500 pages per semester). Users who exceed this quota may gain an addition 200 pages per semester by purchasing a ream of unpunched standard white printer paper (19410-0) from the MSU Bookstore, and bringing it (unopened, with receipt) to the help desk in 3358 EB.

Users may check their print quota by issuing the command: lpquota.

Dot files

  • Login to Arctic
  • run "/opt/bin/update-dots"
  • Logout
  • Login and verify change fixed problem.