Password Checker

Check the strength of a password before changing your password.
Enter your CSE username and password you want to check. Username is needed to fully test the strength.


How this works:
Your password will be checked against

  • length (must be at least 6 chars long)
  • combinations of your username (forward and reverse)
  • combinations of lowercase, uppercase, and digits
  • a dictionary file of common words


  • Use a password using the first letter of each word.
    Example: "May the force be with you". Use: Mtfbwy
    Or even change it up: MtfBwU!
  • Use a random password generator
  • Use a strong password, but still make it easy to remember. If it is too strong, you might end up writing it down or forgetting.
  • These are just suggestions. Your password is still up for approval from the actual "password" change.
  • Remember, a strong password is hard to guess.