Tony D. Lewis (BS ’81) has established the Tony D. Lewis Enrichment Fund in Computer Science and Engineering. This endowment is intended to maintain and further improve the quality of CSE faculty and academic programs and to encourage students to participate in the academic affairs of the department. As an undergraduate, Lewis served as a representative on the department’s curriculum committee, which he describes as one of his most rewarding experiences as an MSU student.

The Endowment can be used to support any number of CSE programs. It may enable students to attend regional and national conferences and promote programs and activities that support and encourage students from traditionally underrepresented minority groups to pursue careers in the computer science and engineering field. The Endowment is a flexible fund that will allow the department to direct funds to where they are most needed in order to improve the quality of academic programs.

Lewis is a Senior Information Security Analyst for Intuit, where he coordinates the security awareness program, maintains information security policies, and conducts security assessments of Intuit applications.