The MSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering is building on a tradition of innovation. We are working to solve problems that impact the quality of life in the modern world.

Horizon Fund Tributes to Faculty

How to make a gift

For over forty years, our faculty have inspired generations. Our students have gone on to face the challenges of a changing world and work towards a better future.

horizon fund

New Horizons

The Horizon Fund will help create new horizons for MSU in computer science education, research, and service.

Fund expendatures will help CSE to:

  • continue to recruit world-class students.
  • obtain state-of the-art equipment for innovative educational projects.
  • enable pursuit of high reward and high risk startup ventures in undergraduate education.


Honor people who inspired you

Honor a special CSE faculty, staff, alumnus, or alumna. When individuals contribute to the fund, they will have the opportunity to provide a tribute.

Please visit the Horizon Fund Tributes Web page, where Horizon Fund contributors have recognized individuals that made a difference in their lives.

Small donations have a big impact

Young (or all) alumni can target their contributions to the Horizon Fund.

How to make a gift

Permanent financial resource for CSE

The Horizon Fund is an endowed fund that will generate expendable income on an ongoing basis. Endowments provide a steady, dependable source of income. Only the interest earned is spent each year.


The Horizon Fund was unveiled at the department's 40th anniversary celebration. Kevin Ohl, the founding donor, announced tributes to the following five individuals.

  • Dr. Harry Hedges, professor emeritus and former department chair
  • Dr. John Forsyth, associate professor emeritus and former acting department chair
  • Dr. Jim Burnett, emeritus faculty
  • Dr. Hans Lee, associate professor emeritus
  • Dr. Harold Grossman, former faculty

Horizon Fund Unveiling