I am a Ph.D student working with Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni and Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Michigan State University.

Research Interests

  • Fault-Tolerant Program Synthesis
  • Multi-Scenario, Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Genetic Programming
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Automatic Addition of Fault Tolerance
  • Self-Stabilizing Program

Current and Past Research Projects

  1. Fault-tolerant program synthesis using genetic programming
  2. Multi-scenario, multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms
  3. Optimizing probabilistic self-stabilizing programs using genetic algorithm
  4. Routing for water transportation (working with Dr. Yue Cui)
  5. "Slow is Fast" for wireless sensor networks in the presence of message losses


I am a student member of following labs.