CSE 891 Sect 004 Discrete Differential Geometry

Fall, 2012

Time: T-Th 12:40-2:00pm
Location: 1300 Engineering Building

Yiying Tong, instructor, ytong@msu.edu

This is the home page for CSE 891: Discrete Differential Geometry. 

This course is geared towards helping participants understand concepts and methods from differential geometry, in particular for 2- and 3-manifolds, in a discrete rather than discretized setup. Discrete differential geometry aims to preserve selected structure when going from a continuous abstraction to a finite representation for computational purposes. For example, for a piecewise linear approximation ("mesh") of a surface one may define Gaussian curvature in such a way that important theorems are preserved in the discrete setting. Observations like this and many others have been made independently in a variety of areas ranging from electromagnetics, fluid simulation, biomolecular surfaces, architectural CAGD, to discrete minimal surface theory.

The course syllabus is available in PDF format.  

Course resources

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Lecture sets

Will appear as the course goes.

Notice: Some lecture sets are very large because they contain a large number of images. 

Due dates (to come):

  • Normally at 11:59pm (email me if you have questions)

Assignments (Submission through email)

  • Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation

  • Paper presentation

  • Final projects