Kaichen Xiao

Code Monkey & Caffeine Absorber, Game Developer & Programmer, Student Class of 2017

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  • Birthdate 11-09-1994
  • Major Computer Science
  • Phone No (517)775-6734

About Me

/Who Am I


Hello I am Kaichen from Michigan State University! I am a Junior this year and major in Computer Science in College of Engineering. I like programming and designing games, both are hard to work but fun and inspiring! The career goal for me is to be a game designer or a software engineer, sitting in front of the computer and creating something sounds awesome for me! Although sometimes it is hard, tiring and time consuming, but once completed that's be best feeling ever!

My life is not all about the coding 24/7(if so I will be in the emergency room at hospital), I like to work out, do some bike riding, and playing some video games when I am free. Call of Duty is my favorite and I play it a lot with my friends, feel free to send me email with your Steam ID if you want to play together:)

Also I'm a BIG sports fan! Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks are my favorite teams in NFL, and the Dallas Mavs is the team I always supported in NBA. Most importantly, it's awesome to be a spartan at MSU and GO GREEN GO WHITE!!

Something More...

5 years since I started programming
20 projects completed
308 hours of work
2700 soda cans


/What I Am Doing

These are the stuff I'm working with. I can't say I'm an expert at these but I have good skills and lot of experience on them. As of today I am still enjoying doing these stuff, and focus myself on learning and improving as well.

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/My Career

June 2013

Graduated from High School

Middle School attached to HUST, Wuhan, China

GPA 3.81/4.00

Found the first computing club in the high school, and served as the lead developer leading the team established "Rate My Instructor" website.

Joined the Student Association of my high school and held as a secretary. In 2012, been elected into the E-Board as a Vice-President.

Award as "the Student of the Year" at Hongshan,Dist.,Wuhan in 2012

B.S, Computer Science

College of Engineering Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Minor, Game Design & Development

College of Comm Arts and Sciences Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Cumulative GPA:3.30/4.00

Tech GPA: 3.58/4.00

Became a UI designer and programmer of Spartasoft in 2014. Currently developing games on Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4.

Also served as a E-Board member and lead technician in Global Intercultural Ambassador, the international club founded in 2013.

Aug 2013-May 2017
Fall 2015

Engineering Study Abroad Program

School of Engineering Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China

Enrolled in the Engineering Exchange Program from School of Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Continue studying Algorithms & Data Structures, Computer Organization & Architecture, and Statistics in Hong Kong.


Co-Founder & Lead Developer

KingPin Technology Team

Founded the team with other excellent students(Tom Wang, Jesse Zhu, Alt Zha,etc.)in high school as a registered club, offering basic courses and skills among the area of computer science in school ,and also worked as a team establishing our own server and setting up the "official" forum.

As a lead developer I worked with other team leaders, working against technical problems encountered during the developing, and giving instructional decision or order to the whole team,

Oct 2010

Game Developer & UI Designer

MSU Spartasoft - Team Uno

Spartasoft is a offical MSU registered organization devoting to developing video games,we taking classes about Unity 3D, HTML & CSS and other coding language we may need to use in the future. Also, as a club member we participate developing process with the whole team and creating our own games(they are fully functional but not like ones you played on the Xbox your somewhere...we are coders and know little about drawing stuff)!

Sep 2014

E-Board & Lead Technician

Global Intercultural Ambassador,MSU

In Early 2015, been selected into the E-Board as a lead technician of GIA, the official registered international intercultural club at Michigan State University.

In the club my job is to revise file of schedule and presentation slides, establish and manage the database for online sign-up sheet,set up TV live signal for sports special event, and any "technical job" the club may need.

Jan 2015
To The Future...

Detailed Skills

Adobe Cc


/Work done so far

These are all projects I've done so far,I have websites, videos, Android software using MIT App Inventor, and programming projects.There will be more posted here in the future, keep in mind and stay in touch!


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