Juyang Weng: Research

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Major Research Projects

o Developmental Robots and Autonomous Mental Development
o SHOSLIF for Multimodal Learning
  1. Face and Object Recognition
  2. Query by Examples for Large Image Databases
  3. Hand Sign Recognition
  4. Hand-Eye-Head Coordinated Learning
  5. Autonomous Navigation
  6. Speech Recognition
  7. Sound Localization
o The Camera-Aided Virtual Reality Builder
o DARPA Microrobot Project and DARPA Program site.
o DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software Project.
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Other Research Projects

o Learning Recognition and Segmentation Using the Cresceptron
o Stereo Matching and Optical Flow
o Motion and Structure Estimation From Monocular Images
o 3-D Surface and Motion From Stereo Images
o Transitory Image Sequences and Their Integration
o Camera System Calibration
o Region Detection in Medical Images
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