Intelligent Designer??


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Intelligent Designer??

Scientific and Religious Answers

Rep. Gosselin: Mandate I.D.!

Is “Intelligent Design” a Theory?

Rip out evolution: ignore science!

An I.D. has to “get it right” 1st time

Chellean Man

Peking Man

Zinjanthropus boisei

Paranthroups robustus

Australopithecus africanus

Neanderthal Man


Rhodesian Man

CroMagnon Man

Eoanthropus dawsoni

Were were not alone

I.D. appeals to common sense!

I.D. Wants to Vote on Theories

David Hume 1776: ships, worlds

Coercive Power of the State

I.D. Wants Fixed Answers

Newest Creationism: OR

Newest Creationism: OR vs. AND

Blind Men & Elephant (J.G. Saxe)

Tillich on Faith, Science

I.D. Versus Mainstream Religion

Religion versus Sectarianism

Other Religious Comments

Previous “conflicts”

We are all scientists.

Two Kinds of Probability

Who is the “Intelligent Designer?”

Genesis 1:1 JPS Translation

Genesis 1:1 Friedman Translation

Genesis 1:1 Everett Fox

“I believe” vs. “I believe”

Three Creationisms

Seven Noachide Laws

“Gradual Illumination of Mind”

I.D./ Creationism in Ohio

“Score One for Natural Selection”

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