Donald J. Weinshank

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Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Biochemistry), 1969

Intelligent Design Creationism Debate, March 19, 2002

Occasional Papers in Jewish Pedagogy


  2. Creationism in Three Flavors and a Jewish Response, 2/23/08 [PowerPoint slides]

  3. Comments on Creationism in Three Flavors and a Jewish Response [PDF from WORD document]


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I retired June 30, 2002. Please send all CSE101 and CSE103 mail to

I was part of a team which created a  mastery model computer science course for non-majors. CSE101: Computing Concepts and Competencies, enrolls around 2000 students each semester. My colleagues,  Dr. Mark Urban-Lurain, Gary McCuaig, Dr. Ryan McFall and I designed the course around these concepts and competencies.

        We posted current papers about the course on CSE 101 Papers and Presentations.

Dr. Vaughn Anderson (lead faculty person)  and I developed CSE103: "Introduction to Information Technology," 

Before that, a similar team (Weinshank, D.J., Urban-Lurain, M., Danieli, T. and McCuaig, G.) created Integrated Introduction to Computing (25 televised lectures, 700 pp. textbook, "call before write" approach to problem solving, event-driven programming using Visual Basic for DOS). This course ran for several years on Mind Extension University (national cable TV) and via Electronic University Network on America OnLine.

The work of the design team was recognized by the 1999 College of Engineering, Withrow Excellence in Teaching Award and by the 2001 MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Award at the University Awards Convocation.

I was also co-editor of a series of concordances to the works of Charles Darwin, published by Cornell University Press. (Search the list for Author = Darwin.)

For 20 years, I directed a large project on Computer Assisted Instruction in the College of Natural Science, creating and importing simulations across the physical, biological and historical (evolution, geology) sciences, running them on a wide variety of platforms.

As part of my public service, I head the Webmaster team of Congregation Shaarey Zedek in East Lansing, Michigan and am former Chair of the East Lansing Cable and Telecommunications Commission. (Click on City Government, then City Boards and Commissions.)

From time to time, when I want aerobic exercise, I debate the Creationists and the Intelligent Design folks (same thing).

Intelligent Design Creationism debate, March 19, 2002. I debated Professor Tom Woodward of Trinity college, Florida.

Detailed scientific refutation of Intelligent Design arguments: see Scientific American, July, 2002 to purchase this article. You can download it  from 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.  The article begins,

Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up
By John Rennie

When Charles Darwin introduced the theory of evolution through natural selection 143 years ago, the scientists of the day argued over it fiercely, but the massing evidence from paleontology, genetics, zoology, molecular biology and other fields gradually established evolution's truth beyond reasonable doubt. Today that battle has been won everywhere-except in the public imagination.

Embarrassingly, in the 21st century, in the most scientifically advanced nation the world has ever known, creationists can still persuade politicians, judges and ordinary citizens that evolution is a flawed, poorly supported fantasy. They lobby for creationist ideas such as "intelligent design" to be taught as alternatives to evolution ....

Also see my VIEWPOINT on this subject in the Lansing State Journal. The article begins

 'Intelligent design' advocates want to have it both ways
June 20, 2005  526 words  ID: lan2005062023136438

Creationists prove unfaithful to science, and to their faith, too
By Donald J. Weinshank

Science can tell you how quickly things fall, but not why you shouldn't kick canes out from under old ladies. If you want to answer THAT question, look to your religion and your system of ethics and morals. When people - all people anywhere - talk about "religion," they mean that they believe in some being who is utterly beyond full human understanding. They come....

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