Step 1 Project

CSE 260

Jungsuk Oh (ohjungsu)
Sean Thomas (thom1272)
Daniel Thompson (thomp956)

Team Member Part 1 Task Additional Responsibilties
Jungsuk Oh Sparty Chest Manager, Comment Editing
Sean Thomas Environment Website
Daniel Thompson Breeding Scrolling

Interface Decisions

Sparty Chest: Implemented using two new classes, CSpartyTreasure and CBubble. CSpartyTreasure owns a collection of CBubble objects. Either class has own update and draw functions.

Environnment: Implemented primarily in CAquarium, using the update function to load images and manipulate fish depending on elapsed time and user action, with relevent menu items implemented in CChildView.

Breeding: Implemented using two new classes for our fish breeders, CMatchMakerDory and CMatchMakerBubbles. Uses visitor class to iterate through fish and make pairs gravitate if 'interested'.

Scrolling: Implementing by adding new member variable for toggling to CAquarium. Added click and drag capabilities to CChildView.

Game Description

The object of our game will be to maintain a healthy aquarium environment, with as many fish as possible. As fish breed -- an indictor of a healthy aquarium -- points will be awarded to the user. For this to happen, however, the environment needs to be right.

For one, there needs to be plenty of oxygen, which is regulated and controlled via the SpartyChest, which opens and closes, releasing bubbles that replenish the tank's oxygen supply.There is a menu option for adding SpartyChests, however, the user will not be able to freely add new ones. Minimum point thresholds will need to be surpassed before new SpartyChests are added.

Second, the tank needs to be clean for the mood to be right. The user will need to choose the 'Clean' menu option periodically to satisfy this angle. Furthermore, the rate at which the user will need to clean will steadily increase as the number of fish in the tank grows. Of course, fish will also need fed. For this, the user will need to select the 'Feed' menu item periodically. Similar to the task of cleaning, the rate at which the user will need to feed will increase as more fish are added.

The game is inteded to be fun, yes, but it is also a heroic tale of nature -- of life, mating, and peril. Do you have what it takes?

Rules and Settings