CSE335 Project 1 Group Charlie

Project 1 Individual Assignments
Predator: Jim Howell
Prey: Yaxing Li
Treasure Chest: Joshua Teuber

Part 2 Implementation
Our part 2 implementation for project 1 is a game where you have to lead a
prey fish to safety. You must use food to lure your fish across the aquarium
and lead the predator away from your fish. The game ends when either the fish is eaten or
reaches safety.

How to Play
In order to play the game, you first have to select the menu option Game->Start Game. This will
prompt the program to begin the game. Once it starts, your job is to lead your fish to the treasure chest
on the other side of the screen by using CTRL+Click to spawn a piece of food at your cursor.
However, there is a predator fish trying to eat him in the same tank.
You can lead the predator fish away from your fish by using a decoy(SHIFT+Click),
which will attract the predator.

Interactions: The interaction between the user and program is done by choosing the
desired menu option before you start the game. Once the option to start the game
is chosen(under Game->StartGame), you can add food by using CTRL+Click, or a decoy using SHIFT+Click.
You can also choose to keep the screen locked on your fish during the game,
or you can click the hand button at the bottom right, which will unlock the screen,
allowing the user to use the mouse to drag the screen around the map.

UI Decisions: We have removed the options to add items during the game, as doing so can alter the game,
allowing unintentional, gamebreaking shortcuts. Also, we chose to display the amount of remaining
food and decoys, along with score, in the top left of the frame. The CReporter class still displays
the number of each fish every 30 seconds.
We also disabled the save/load function to prevent cheating in the game.

Part 2 Plan

For part 2, our group plans to play off of the 3 elements that we
implemented in part 1 of the project. Predators will be chasing the prey around
the aquarium, and the player's job will be to lead the prey fish away from the
predators and to safety before they are eaten. This will be done by
implementing food into the game to lure the prey fish. Ultimately, you will
want to lead them to a treasure chest, which will act as a safe zone. The game
will track how many fish you have saved, and how many fish have been eaten. The
object of this game is to lead as many fish to safety as possible, and will end
when all of the prey fish have been saved or eaten.

We plan to implement this by first adding a food object, which prey fish
will go towards and eat. This coding will be implemented similar to how
predators are attracted to their prey. As the game continues, the amount of
fish eaten and saved will be tracked by member variables inside of the
CAquarium class, and display whenever a fish is eaten, saved, and show the
score in the CReporter class. In order to do this however, we will need to
increase the beta fish's relative speed to predators, as they are currently
much to slow to escape them currently. Or include a way to temporarily scare
away predator fish by clicking on them.