Project 1


Nicholas Summers

Responsibilities: Created and designed the website, as well as created the animated treasure chest feature. Worked on scrolling feature, and created the game.

Cody Pearson

Responsibilities: Added tank dirtying/cleaning functionality. Added fish hunger and feeding system. Created visitor class for items and fish. Worked on scrolling feature, and created the game.

Annalise Pucel

Responsibilities: Created the schooling class and animation. Worked on scrolling feature, and created the game.

Part Two Game

Instructions & UI Design

  • This game is about how fast you can assess the situation. The fish will keep spawning. Last as long as you can. A good strategy is to click the scroll nav button on the bottom left, as fish will go off screen should you play on a smaller monitor. Be aware of your fish!
  • Feed Fish: Left click the worm that is let out of the treasure chest. This adds 1-3 food to your inventory in the top left. Then if you see a fish that has stopped moving, left click it to use 1 food on it and keep it alive. Fish will die soon after they are hungry so be on top of it!
  • Remove Dead Fish: Dead fish will show by -1 from the lives counter in the top left. The fish will be turned upside down as well. To remove the fish, double click on it to get rid of it. Don't let dead fish clutter the Aquarium! It will impede your decision making.
  • Score: You gain score over time, and doing good actions such as feeding the fish and getting more fish. Fish will spawn over time on their own, getting quicker and quicker. Each fish will give you +10 score, and feeding a fish will give you +5. You get +1 score for just surviving 5 seconds.
  • Lives: You have 10 lives at the beginning of the game. Don't let these go to waste. Every 40 seconds you get another life, but fish can die off quick should you not be paying attention. At 0, you lose the game and your score will be printed.
  • Scrolling: You can scroll in the game should your screen not be big enough, and it heightens the difficulty significantly. To scroll, click the button on the bottom left to enter scrolling mode. Now if you hold click in the Aquarium, you will be able to drag where you want to go. Fish keep moving and will go hungry and die off screen. You must be vigilent! This game is about how fast you can keep up with the fish with a little bit of luck.