kTextbook: Computer Vision

Textbook: Computer Vision

coauthored with Prof. Linda Shapiro, University of Washington

now in print (mid January 2001); see Prentice Hall

  1. We hope you will evaluate this material -- for yourself and/or your class.
  2. Chapters below are NOT THE MOST RECENT REVISIONS but one back.
  3. We are working on problem solutions, data sets, and instructors manual.

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  • about 18 pages postscript format
  • about 18 pages pdf format
  • Oh my, there are some errors in the first printing! More will be announced by 1 Jan 2004

  • errata in postscript format
  • errata in pdf format
  • PDF Chapters presented separately

  • Table of Contents and Preface
  • Chapter 1: Intro to Computer Vision
  • Chapter 16: Case Studies of Commercial Systems
  • colorplates: pictures that need to be in color
  • Book Images in *.jpg format

  • Images from Chapter 1
  • Images from Chapter 16