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Group Members:


Matthew Scheffler Matthew Krease Cameron Korzecke

Task: Schooling

Task: Web Page

Task: GitHub Repository

Task: Scrolling

Task: Animated Treasure Chest

Task: Enviornmental

User instructions/interface decisions:

Project 1 part 2 Game Proposal:

Our game for part 2 will be a variation on Galaga. The animated treasure chest will be replaced with a space ship graphic and the fish will become anilens. We will add the ability to move the chest left and right with the arrow keys. As the Aliens move down the screen they will school into types as the fish did. When the player clicks the space ship it will fire(bubbles) that will move up the screen. Any aliens that come in contact with the bubbles will die. Every alien ship killed is worth points which will be displayed in the background. The alien ships will move down the screen and when they hit the bottom they will be deleted.