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Genre: 3D Arcade Shooter Game

Inspired by: Asteroids, Super Stardust HD

Premise: To become the best star hunter in the galaxy, the player must conquer each planet and collect as many star gems as possible.

Goal: Survive each planet's onslaught of enemies and defeat the boss.

Development Period: September - December 2014

Created in the Game Design and Development Specialization at Michigan State University

*** Special Features: Upgrade Shop ***


* See in-game instructions *


3D Art - I modeled, UV-mapped, and textured the 5 star gems (earth, fire, air, water, and electric). I also UV-mapped most of the models in the game, including the ships, weapons, planets, bosses, and environment assets.

GUI Art - I created the instructions screen and gave suggestions on the in-game font color and size.

Font and Skyboxes - I applied a unique font, found on www.fontspace.com, and a variety of skyboxes, found on the Unity assest store, to the game.