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Genre: 2D Puzzle / Adventure Game

Inspired by: Machinarium

Theme: State of Emergency

Premise: A solar flare has wiped out all the power on a planet inhabited by robots, and you are the only robot who was lucky enough to survive.

Goal: Collect 6 batteries in each of the 3 levels, in order to restore power to your fallen comrades.

Development Period: February - March 2014

Created in the Game Design and Development Specialization at Michigan State University


WASD Keys Enter Key
Move Interact with the Environment*

* Used for learning more about the story and receiving hints *


M Key Backspace Key
Return to the Main Menu* Return to the Main Menu*

* You can return to the Main Menu by pressing M or Backspace *


Background Art - I created the 2D background art, which consists of the ground and sky in each level.

GUI Art - I created most of the in-game GUI, including the dynamic battery gauge, the mini-maps, and the text box that appears when the player interacts with the environment.

Menu Design - I designed every out-of-game screen, using a consistent style and theme that best fit our game.

Music and Sound Effects - I incorporated some sounds and music that I found on www.freesound.org, including: several pieces of music throughout the game and the sound effects associated with the teleport pads, the keys, the batteries, the locked doors, the robots' alarm, the spikes, and the victory sound that plays at the end of the level.


Nominated as an "Outstanding Game Project of the Year" and selected to be demoed at the 2014 Michigan State University Media Sandbox Student Game Showcase

Won 2nd place for the "People's Choice Award," among all the first semester game projects