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Genre: 2.5D Puzzle Game

Inspired by: Cut the Rope, Where's My Water?

Premise: Mr. JellyHopp and his children need to be safely escorted back to their home using only the currents, all the while dodging the dangers of the deep sea.

Goal: Help the jellyfish to safety in each level.

Development Period: November 2013, July - August 2014

Created in the Game Design and Development Specialization at Michigan State University

*** Special Features: Level Builder and Tutorial ***

Play the in-game tutorial!


1 Key 2 Key 3 Key
4 Key 5 Key 6 Key Down Arrow Key
Activate Currents* Speed Up
(Hold Down)

* You can also activate the currents by clicking or tapping on them *


R Key S Key N Key
Retry Start Next Level


3D Art - I created the eel model from scratch and gave it an electric particle effect.

GUI Art - I created most of the in-game GUI, including all the buttons, the progress indicators in the right-hand corner, and the content in the tutorial.

Menu Design - I helped design every out-of-game screen, by setting up a template for everyone to work off of and by filling in most of the content.

Sound Effects - I incorporated some sounds that I found on www.freesound.org, such as the sound effects associated with every jellyfish action, the eel's electricity, the whistle, and the "end of level" success sound.