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Genre: 3D Turn-Based Strategy Game

Inspired by: Battleship, Laser Tag, and Worms

Theme: Elegance

Premise: The player has command over three turrets, each with three abilities: move, laser, flare.

Goal: Find and destroy your opponent's turrets, while navigating a dark arena.

Development Period: April - May 2014

Created in the Game Design and Development Specialization at Michigan State University

*** Special Features: LAN Play and Local Multiplayer, along with a Tutorial for beginners ***

Play the in-game tutorial!


WASD Keys Computer Mouse
Move Camera Zoom In / Zoom Out
(Use Mouse Wheel)


Q Key E Key Spacebar Key
Laser* Flare* End Turn
(Press Twice)

* You still need to click, to actually fire the laser or shoot the flare *


GUI Art - I created all of the in-game GUI, which mainly consists of the player's control panel located on the right-hand side of the screen, the pause menu, and portions of the tutorial.

Menu Design - I designed every out-of-game screen, using a consistent style and theme that best fit our game.

Music and Sound Effects - I incorporated some sounds and music that I found on www.freesound.org, such as the music in every out-of-game screen, the sounds activated by button presses, and the flare gun sound effect.