A note for potential applicants who want to apply to be in research group


I am looking for new students in Spring/Fall 2010. If you are interested in working in my research group, please read the note below.


Note for students not yet enrolled in MSU:

1.      Contact me beforehand to determine if your interests match the research conducted in our group. Use the keyword NEWSTUDENT in the subject. (Be sure to read item 7 before you contact me.)

2.      When you apply, be sure to mention that you are interested in working with you in your statement of purpose.

3.      After you apply, be sure to inform me approximately two weeks after you apply. This time, the application is generally viewable by me so I can give you any feedback necessary.

4.      Also, contact me around March 1st as this is the time when admission decisions are being made.

5.      If I have replied to your earlier mail and encouraged you to apply but I do not respond to your subsequent follow-up, it is mostly due to the fact that the mail was lost in the large collection I get every day. Feel free to contact me again after a few days.

6.      Some of the work involved in my research group focuses on program verification. If you have a background in this, be sure to mention it.

7.      I receive several mails requesting for an RA position. Most of these mails appear to be mass marketed, i.e., it could have been written to 1000s of other people. This includes areas of interests such as Databases, Image processing and several others that I have never worked on. Such emails will be deleted forthwith. If you would like me to respond to your mails read about the projects I am involved in, past research papers, and identify what you would like to do towards your MS/PhD/Summer internship/. One basic paper that describes some of our work is Automating the Addition of Fault-Tolerance . If you spent such time before sending the mail, you are far more likely to get a response to your mail. It should be obvious that the mail you write is tailored specifically for me (Note that simply adding my name and my university does not qualify). I would imagine that following this approach with other faculty (at MSU or elsewhere) would also help you.

1.      Generally, I cannot provide funds for such internship. Also, if you are an international student, I am not sure how visa issues will be handled. However, given these constraints, it may still be possible to pursue an internship, as sometimes are well-defined problems that I can provide/guide you. During Summer 2006, I have some problems that fit in this category. If you are interested, please read the following paper to get an idea of the project.

         Automating the Addition of Fault-Tolerance

If you are interested, please contact me.


Note for students enrolled in MSU:


If you would like to join the research group, please follow the same advice above. However, if you have general questions about what you might expect in graduate school, or you are trying to decide between going to graduate school or not, or if you have other general questions about graduate school, feel free to send me a mail to set up an appointment with me. I will be glad to discuss this with you.