Software and Tutorials

This website provides a set of data mining tutorials using the Python programming language. You are free to download the Python notebooks and re-use any of the materials provided on this webpage.

All the examples given below are based on Python 3. The tutorials here does not require any prior experience programming in Python. However, you will need to have some programming experience and know how to download and install software on your machine. All the programming examples shown in this tutorial can be executed from your own machine using Jupyter notebook. To do this, download the notebook for each module along with its corresponding datasets to your local machine and launch the Jupyter notebook. If you are not familiar with Jupyter notebook nor have installed Python on your machine, you should start from Module 0. Otherwise, if you are already familiar with Python, you can skip directly to Module 2.

Module Topic Dataset
0 Getting Started  
1 Introduction to Python [Notebook]  
2 Introduction to Numpy and Pandas [Notebook]  
3 Data Exploration [Notebook]  
4 Data Preprocessing [Notebook]
[Precipitation data] [Image data]
5 Regression [Notebook]
6 Classification [Notebook]
[Vertebrate data]
7 Association Analysis  
8 Cluster Analysis [Notebook]
[Vertebrate] [Chameleon] [Elliptical] [2d]
9 Anomaly Detection [Notebook]
[Stock market]