Project 1: The AWESOME Aquarium game


Thurakij Praditukrit
Charlie Nguyen
Jeffrey Groth

Member Responsibilities:

The scrolling was definitely a collaboration project. To start off, we had to figure out how it worked in the first place. We figured that everything would be based on an offset so the first real task was to keep track of calculate it. Our strategy was to take a point with the mouse down and see how far it moved until it was released. That gave us distance between two points. From there, the only thing that was missing was to move the objects. That was easily solved with simple math. Charlie Nguyen did most of the calculations. Next step that we had to work on was the Navigation hand toggling that enables or disables screen scrolling. We made pointer to class Rect to get the window size and use that to keep redrawing the Navigation hand at the bottom right window.

Individual Responsibilities:

Thurakij Praditukrit : Treasure chest animation Description: I made 2 classes for this task, one is a class for a treasure chest named CTreasureChest and another is for the bubbles, named CBubbles. Both classes are based on CItem class. I set a timer for treasure chests' images to draw, and do the same for bubbles' but I need to get the position of the current treasure chest to draw the bubbles at the right place. The bubbles disappear(not drawing) after the treasure chest has closed itself. Then at that moment, I reset the timer back to 0 to start over again.

Jeff Groth : Environment
Description: I made a class for the tank getting dirtier and made two visitors to handle feeding the fish. The fish are on a life timer and so is the tank with a draw function that changes the background.

Charlie Nguyen : Breeding
Description: I made a gender to fish as boolean and keep switching the gender each time fish is created. I also use the visitor class to ask whether the fish if of the same type and set a boolean to check if they are ready to breed. When the fish is ready to breed, I implemented two visitor classes so that would ask each fish for their location, species, coordinates, gender, and whether they are ready to breed or not. Then if all cases matched up perfect, then they would create an offspring at the coordinates of the first visitor.

Part 2 Plans

We are planning on making a game for the player to be an aquarium care-taker. The player can get money through taking care of the tank each time, and can use that money to upgrade a tank where you can raise more fish. We plan this to be an exciting game by making the game go very fast for the purpose of making the player create skills through fast reactions, multi-tasking, taking care of live at the same time.

Part 2: The GAME

How to play: Don't let all the fish die! Get the highest score! Beat yourself! And HAVE FUN.
Rules: 1. You get an initial score of 1000 points. You get 100 points for feeding the fish, and 500 points if the fish breeds. 2. Using 10 points, you can make a food to feed, 500 to clean the tank. Tip: Use hotkey alt+F+E to quickly make a food.

Part 2: Role Distribution

Thurakij has a responsibility on making the food and make it fall. Charlie has a responsibility on making the scoring system. Jeff has a responsibility to make the fish eat and die.