CSE 335 Project 1 - Team James Pond


Kevin Pauly - website and predators feature

Adam Pruim - prey feature

Tyler Olsen - environment feature


Part 2 Description:

James Pond is the owner of an aquarium which people pay to visit. In our game you play as James Pond and you must manage your aquarium and make as much money as possible. People pay more to see lots of predators, but when you feed your fish, only the prey will eat the fish food. Therefore you have to keep your prey population up to feed the predators but every new fish you buy costs you money. In addition, you have to keep the aquarium clean and dispose of any dead fish.

The most important thing for you to do is watch the daily log. The log tells you about all the important things in your tank. If you don't feed your prey fish they will die. If you don't have enough prey for your predators, they will die. If your tank gets very dirty you will start losing money. Certain items like Sparty fish, and treasure chests are big investments but the returns are high. A good way to start is with one Beta and a few Mollys to feed him. Predators will give you more money than prey every day, but you need to have the prey to keep the predators alive. Good luck!


You are James pond, secret agent...and aquarium manager extraordinaire! As part of a top secret mission you have infiltrated a local cell of an international drug smuggling cartel. You are posing as the manager of an aquarium used by the cartel to launder money. Maximize profits in order to both maintain your cover and gain their trust. Good Luck!