Drum Synthesizer Component

Made by: Zachary Pauley


The Drum component can play a synthetic drum sound similarly to the tone instument
specifying the pitch of a note, duration, and beat will produce a synthetic drum beat
of the user's specification. The instrument name for this sections should be "Drums."
The synthetic drum sound is made by starting with a base sine wave as a note, adding
random waves as "white noise" to this sine wave, creating a sweeping effect that increases
the frequency of the sine wave at the begining of the wave and decreases the frequency at
end, and finally, putting this wave through an envelope that adds Attack and Release processing
to the sine wave. This sounds approximately like a drum beat.

Additionally, more unique drum sounds, like the bass pedal, Cymbals, Toms, or a traditional
(rather than synthetic) snare can be produced by specifying which sound file to play and when
in the format ‹note measure="x" beat="y" note="(specified sound)"/›
where x is the measure number, y is the beat within that measure, and
specified sound can be Bass(1-2), Cymbal(1-6), Tom(1-6), and Snare(1-6).
The instrument name for this section should be "DrumWave", since they are sound from
.wav file samples.

-Waveform playback from tables
-Envelope generation
-20 distinct drum sounds
-Synthesized drum

Download the Drum score.
Download the Drum audio file.