Team Members

Chivers, Brian

Naser, Jabreel

Schoonmaker, Adam

Individual Responsibilities

Task 3 : Breeding : Adam

Task 4 : Environment : Brian

Task 5 : Treasure Chest : Jabreel

Instructions and User Interface Decisions


When hunger level reaches 0, all fish die and are deleted.

Part 2 : How the Game will work

So far for the game we came up with the game having a (1)Timer and (2)Score.

The score will be based on the breeding of the fish, and each of the fish that breed will be worth different point values.

The score will also be calculated with a negative impact in comparison with how dirty the Aquarium currently is.

Fish hunger will also be taken into account. (Possibly the hungrier the fish the slower they move)

Point system:


-100 points for each dirty level reached (when the background changes)These points are not earned back when you clean

Fish points: (Fish Points / Speed / Breeding Periods)

Beta: Points = 30, Speed = Slow, Breeding = N/A (must always be manually added)

Nemo: Points = 20, Speed = Average, Breeding = 12 seconds

Dory: Points = 10, Speed = Fast, Breeding = 8 seconds