CSE335 Project 1 (Part 1 & 2)

Welcome to our project page. Our team members were:

Individual Team Responsibilites:

Andrew Schroeder -- Environment & Scrolling

Jie Wan -- Scrolling Hand & Treasure Chest

Gabriel Morcote -- Website & Breeding

*************************************************************PART 2 GAME********************(INSTRUCTIONS)********************************************

-- Start MEMORY Game: First, add some Pokemon to the aquarium. There is a Pokemon menu option, so add some Pokemon. Then click on File->Game Time to start playing. Click on the spots you think the Pokemon were at (since they disappear when the game starts, and for every correct attempt, your score increments by 1. The game ends when you find all of the Pokemon. There is not a save feature for this game.

Instructions & UI Decisions:

Breeding -- Added breeding capabilities to the CFishBeta class. Once two fish of different gender are added to the aquarium (and after 2 seconds of existence), you can push File->Fish Mate and if there is a female fish in the aquarium, it will be directed to a random location, as well as another male, and the union of the two will create a new fish, which isn't the best swimmer so it floats to the top and swims normally from there on out. Added visitor pattern for how the Beta Fish would breed.

Scrolling & Environment-- For scrolling, it uses the position of the mouse when you click down to make decisions on which way to scroll. When you move the mouse, it continuously scrolls at a constant value in the direction you move the mouse. It uses the window size and to create boundaries for the fish and for the scrolling. You can also grab a fish and scroll. For environment, I used the environment object to return a new background image for our aquarium. Every 30 seconds, the aquarium gets progressively dirtier. If you click the clean button in the care menu, it cleans the aquarium back to its normal state. For feeding the fish, if they go without food for 30 seconds, they die. They then flip upside down, and float to the top. Once they reach the top, they disappear. To feed the fish, you click the feed button in the care menu.

Scrolling Hand Image & Bubble Treasure Chest-- The Scrolling hand can be loaded when the aquarium open. The location for the hittest is from the rect param. Since the hand need to be follow the window, the location need to update when the window is scrolling. I tried to use the CRect class to access the location in CAquarium. The bubble treasure chest can be open auto and the bubble can show up after the chest open. However the location of bubble need to be fixed. In addition, the bubble can go up and disappear orginally, but since the Draw funciton is not working for chest, so the chest won't draw and only have bubble.