Yelp Research Project
Big Data analysis on Yelp restaurant ratings data.


In this project, I have attempted to consolidate the ratings from millions of Yelp restaurant reviews into something that can easily be interpreted. In particular, I thought it would be interesting to find out what the average ratings people in certain areas of the United States give. These ratings could be from tourist or residents of the area so these average ratings might point to which areas have the best food (or just best rated). The best way that I found to visually show this data was to group the restaurants into counties and then take the average rating of all reviews for a certain county. Each county has at most 1000 reviews associated with it (a limit set by the Yelp API), and there are about 3,000 counties in the United States, so this means that about 3 million reviews were used for this data set. Shown below is the heat-map I have created to display this data. One of the most interesting things about this map is it shows that the closer you get to a urban area, the higher the ratings for reviews. This might prod me to do some more in-depth analysis with these ratings and possibly compare a counties average rating to their average income and see if there is any correlation between income and restaurant satisfaction. Below the map are tables that can be sorted and searched to look a bit deeper into the data that was retreived.

Yelp Ratings Heat Map

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List of States and their average Yelp ratings

State Rating
{{x.state}} {{x.rating}}

List of Counties and their average Yelp ratings

County Id Rating County Name State
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Created by Evan Moran with data gathered from the Yelp API. To view my website go here here.