.NET Developer

I have been employed as a .NET developer for the past year by BS&A Software. During this time I have gained valuable experience with multiple Microsoft libraries such as Entity Framework, SignalR, and Linq. I have been working on a Property Tax Application for a new suite of website Products.

Web Application Developer

I have been employed as a Web Application Developer for the College of Engineering at MSU for the past few months. I along with a team of two others are creating a course management website tailored for use by engineering classes. We primarily use PHP's Framework Laravel for the back-end and Angular for the front-end of this system.

Computer Science Enthusiast

I enjoy learning new languages and finding out what strengths and weaknesses each language has. I am also interested in Big-Data analysis and visualization, as this is a great way to introduce non-technical people into the value of data. Below is a link to my most recent project, which is a heatmap of average Yelp Ratings by each county in the US.