Phil McKinley

Philip K. McKinley
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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  • Topics: Distributed systems, self-adaptive software, autonomic computing, artificial life, evolutionary computation.
  • In the NEWS:
       Currents magazine article on our Evolution Park testbed for evolving and printing robotic creatures. [Full text]
       Scientific American blog on our research in evolving and 3D-printing of robotic fish.
       State News article on applying robotic fish to detect pollution. article on our work demonstrating evolution of firefly-like synchronization in digital organisms.
       Conservation Maven article on our studies in automated species identification as part of ecosystem monitoring.
       New Scientist magazine article on our investigation of evolving adaptive sleep behavior in digital organisms. [Full Text]
  • Publications:
       Publications from Research Projects (2011 - present)    (2007-2010)    (2001-2006)    (1987-2000)
       Harnessing Digital Evolution - 2008 IEEE Computer article on using artificial life to help construct robust software
       Composing Adaptive Software - 2004 IEEE Computer article on a taxonomy of adaptive software methods
  • Current Research Projects:
       Evolution Park (NSF): An Evolutionary Robotics Habitat for the Study of Crawling, Swimming and Flying Creatures
       TEAMS (NSF): Transplanting Artificial Life Behaviors to Mobile Robots
       Orchid (NSF): Harnessing Digital Evolution to Design High-Assurance Adaptive Systems
       AWARE (ARO): Adaptive Software Monitoring for Critical Infrastructure Protection
       BEACON (NSF): An NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action
       ThinkTank: Umbrella MSU Initiative Applying Evolutionary Computation to Distributed Systems
  • Recently-Completed and Past Projects:
       RAPIDware (ONR): Adaptive Middleware for Heterogeneous Mobile Computing
       Meridian (NSF): Automated Development of Distributed Systems Software
       Earlier Research Projects
       List of Grants and Contracts
  • Affiliations:
       Software Engineering and Network Systems (SENS) Laboratory
       Digital Evolution Laboratory (Devolab)
       Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Graduate Program
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