PAC-MAN Remix by Team Haver

Group Members:

Brett Lesnau - Wavetable synthesizer
Joe Amenta - Piano synthesizer
John Richter - Drum synthesizer
LT Thomas - Scratching synthesizer
Shreyas Thiagarajasubramanian - Effects

Score file:

The actual score file that we used is here.
The audio file generated from this score file is here.

Score file format:


The basic format for our score file is...

<score bpm="60" beatspermeasure="4">
     <instrument instrument="InstrumentName1">
     <instrument instrument="InstrumentName2">

The score node is the root node. There are one or more instrument nodes as children of the source node. Each isntrument node contains audio information for an individual instrment.

Basic nodes and attributes:

More information for each instrument's section of the score file is below.


Wavetable synthesizer
Piano synthesizer
Drum synthesizer
Scratching synthesizer