Team Elfman Synthie!

Group members:
David Culham - Effects
Donghun Ha - Additive
Raymond Heldt - Drums
Kevin Klemmer - Piano

Download Project Source
Note: Before running the source code, the CompletePiano zip file must be download and unzipped in the Synthie/wave/ directory.

Score File Formatting:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<score bpm="120" beatspermeasure="2">
     <instrument instrument="ToneInstrument" effect1="AR" effect2="Chorus" effect3="NoiseGate">
          <note measure="1" beat="2" duration="0.33" note="F4"/>
          <note beat="2.33" duration="0.33" note="G4"/>
          <note beat="2.6" duration="0.33" note="A4"/>

          <note nextMeasure="1" beat="1" duration="0.5" note="Bb4"/>
          <note beat="1" duration="0.5" note="G4"/>
          <note beat="1" duration="0.5" note="Eb4"/>
     <instrument instrument="Drums" effect1="AR" effect2="Chorus" effect3="NoiseGate">
          <note measure="2" beat="2" duration="2" note="1"/>

          <note nextMeasure="1" beat="2" duration="2" note="1"/>

          <note nextMeasure="1" beat="1.5" duration="0.5" note="3"/>
          <note beat="2.5" duration="0.5" note="1"/>

          <repeat times="3" numNotes = "8"/>
	  <note nextMeasure="1" beat="1" duration="0.5" note="4" pitch = "1.8"/>
          <note beat="1.25" duration="0.5" note="4" pitch = "1.8"/>
          <note beat="1.5" duration="0.5" note="4"/>
          <note beat="1.75" duration="0.5" note="4"/>
          <note beat="2" duration="0.5" note="4" pitch = "2"/>
          <note beat="2.25" duration="0.5" note="4" pitch = "2"/>
          <note beat="2.5" duration="0.5" note="4"/>
          <note beat="2.75" duration="0.5" note="4"/>
The score xml tag denote that this is a score file and contains the bpm and beats/measure information.
The instrument xml tag displays the instrument that will be playing every child note tag as well as any effects to be added to the instrument.
The note tag must contain a beat, duration, and instrument specific values.
Measures can be identified by either using measure="x" in the note tag to specify measure x, or by adding nextMeasure="1" to denote the next measure without knowing the current measure number.

Individual Component Explanations with Sample Sounds

David Culham - Effects     Effect Sample
Donghun Ha - Additive    
Raymond Heldt - Drums     Drums Sample
Kevin Klemmer - Piano     Piano Sample

Score for Team Elfman Wave File  download

Extended Score for Team Elfman Wave File  download