Recent research highlights include new computational methods for gene flow detection, which were used to uncover genome-wide patterns of adaptive introgression in M. musculus, and new methods enabling fast and accurate estimation of phylogenies and/or multiple sequence alignments with unprecedented scale.

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Book Chapters

  1. K. J. Liu and T. J. Warnow, Large-scale multiple sequence alignment and tree estimation using SATé, In Methods in Molecular Biology: Multiple Sequence Alignment, D. Russell (editor). New York: Springer; 2014. p. 219-244, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-62703-646-7_15.

Working Manuscripts

  • "Fast and accurate statistical inference of phylogenetic networks using hundreds of genomic sequences", in preparation.
  • "New support estimation techniques for biomolecular sequence analysis", in preparation.
  • "Revisiting Felstenstein's question: new phylogenetic comparative methods using heterogeneous biological data," in preparation.
  • "A phylogenomic study of adaptive co-evolution between early diverging fungi and obligate bacterial endosymbionts in the Burkholderiaceae," in preparation.
  • "Microbial communities in global groundwaters: an evolutionary and ecological perspective," in preparation.