Project 1 Group Members:
Jacob Jensen
Danielle Scherr
Beiting Huang


Jacob Jensen:
Website Management
Prey & Predators framework/Class interactions
Danielle Scherr:
Animated Treasure Chest & Bubbles
Beiting Huang
Prey & Predators movements

Instructions: We added a new option to add an animated treasure chest.
Add Decor > Animated Treasure Chest

Our file contains 30 items. There are two predators (Beta fish and Nemo fish). They will automatically swim towards the prey (angelfish and starfish). The queen angelfish is completely neutral.

Part 2 Game: Our idea is to have a main fish that you can control with your arrow keys. This fish is going to be of the type prey. It is going to have to navigate around the aquarium and escape from chasing predators. In order to keep a score system, we will have treasure chests that will be spawning bubbles every so often, and you will try and eat these bubbles before they escape the aquarium in order to increase score. In order to increase difficulty, every bubble you eat would increase the speed of the predators, and every 5 or so bubbles will add a new predator.

We have some additonal ideas that could make it more complicated. This could be special kinds of bubbles that give powerups, like slowing down the predators for a temporary time, or giving invincibilitiy, or an extra life. The game will be a cat and mouse kind of game where we can add some special effects with bubble powerups.